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Projects and Information

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- Jewelry
- Mica Shift
- Miniatures
- Mokume Gane
- Pens
- Sculpting
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- Stamping and Molds
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Tips, Techniques, How to..

Sites with multiple lessons (some are listed by category below)

HGTV - do a search for polymer clay
Polymer Clay Central - numerous lessons
The Polymer Clayspot - faux turquoise, roses, stone effects
Polyform - Projects - projects from the makers of Sculpey and Premo
Desiree's How To Desk
Joshua's Clay Creations - whimsical animal and figure projects

FAQs and Info

Displaying and Selling Polymer Clay - collection of suggestions
Judi Maddigan's Polymer Clay and Push Molds FAQ - faq, tips, diagrams
Polyform Products Online Technical Tips and Answers - faq from the makers of sculpey and premo
Polymer Clay Central - Photographing Your Work
Basic Jewelry Photography
Photography - Building a Light Tent
Polymer ClayCyclopedia
Polymer Clay FAQ - comprehensive faq from The Polymer Clayspot
Pricing Your Work - collection of tips
Tips and Tidbits - from Clay Connection 2000

Canes and Millefiori

Apple Cane
Amish Quilt Cane
Basic Spliced Cane
Balloon Flower Cane
Building a Sillie Millie Cane - and project ideas from Clay Squared
Building and reducing canes, Flecto Varathane - SaraJane's Polymer Clay Gallery
Candy Cane Cane - PCC Instructions
Checkerboard Cane
Chrysanthemum Canes by Elissa
Crushed Helix Demo
Dawn Dazee Cane
Face Cane - Simple
Flower Cane - Simple
Folded cane
Heart Cane - Simple
Hydrangea Cane
Ikat Cane
Jellyroll Cane - Spliced
Kaleidoscope Cane Lessson
Lace Cane lesson
Lace Cane - Shelley's
Leaf Cane
Monet Cane
Mosaic Cane
Name Cane Lesson
Plaid Cane
Polyform - Projects - simple flower cane, apple cane, heart cane
Pumpkin Cane Lesson
Rainbow Quilt Cane by Mia
Reducing Canes - Polymer Clay Central
RippleBlade Butterfly cane
Rose Cane - TrueLeigh
Snowflake Cane
Spliced Cane
Stencil Bead
Striped Cane - Simple
Tsunami Cane


Abalone - Marie Segal's
Faux Enamel Pin - Gwen Gibson
Jade Polymer Clay
Moss Agate
Opals by Barbara Reider
Faux Scrimshaw - at PCC
Stone - the Polymer ClaySpot
Turquoise - the Polymer ClaySpot
Wood - Marie Segal's
Wood Inlay

Image Transfer and Decoupage

Color Photo Transfer Lesson
Faux Enamel Pin - Gwen Gibson
LazerTran - click on polymer clay in the menu for directions
Lazertran Oval Pendant - transfer with Lazertran Silk

Jewelry and Beads

Bead-N-Bead - lost wax technique
Beadrollers - Carl Hornberger
Beads - Making
Birdhouse Earrings
Book Necklace
Buna Cord Bead and Loop Closure
Butterfly Wing Bead
Cabachons and Saucer Beads
Chevron Style Bead
Chevron Beads - Faux Millefiore
Flower Disc Pendant
Flower Leis
Matchbox Amulets
Mirror Cut Pendants
Natasha Bead Lesson
Necklace Findings - Making your own
Pillow Beads
Pinback Attaching
Polyform - Projects - stamped foil jewelry, picture frame pin
Quick Bracelet Set
Safety Pin Bracelet - Ria's
Saturn Beads
Skinner Blend Necklace Project
Stencil Bead - How to
Textured Apple Pin

Mica Shift
Mica Shift Jelly Roll
Mica Shift The Next Generation
Mica Shift 3D Images
Mica Shift Part Three
Twisted Rope Mica Shift


Grannie Stone Cottage Lesson
Ornamental Trees - Sue Heaser's
Victorian Birdcage - Sue Heaser's

Mokume Gane

Mini Mokume Gane (4 color)
Mokume Gane
Painted Mokume Gane


Clay and Pens lesson
Covering Pens with Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay Pens

Sculpting Lessons and Projects

Anna Dolls - doll/figure sculpting tutorials
Armatures, limbs and faux bronze finish - Laura's Sculptures and Art Dolls
Baby by Jacqueline van Hesse-Penning
Bird With Teeth by Dinko
Champ the Cat - cute flowerpot cat
Elvenwork Tips and Techniques - sculpting tips
Fairy Wings - Betty's
Fantasy Fairies - Sue Heaser's
Flower Fairie lesson
Hands - How to Make
Maquette Tutorial - forum thread from concept thru painting
Miniature Faery
Octomaid Lesson
Pete "R." Rabbit
Polyform - Projects - scarecrow, girl with bird house, rag doll etc.
Skull - by Dinko
Troll - Hands and Feet
Troll - Head
Troll - Body
Zack the Dragon

Skinner Blend
Polymer Clay Central - Skinner Blend
Rainbow Skinner Blend
Skinner Blend Necklace Project

Stamping and Molds

AMACO Push mold Project
Making Flexible Molds
Making and Using Molds
Rigid Molds
Rubber Stamping on Polymer Clay
Simple Leaf Lesson

TLS and Liquid Sculpey

TLS Fairie Wings
TLS Ornaments Polymer Clay Central
Using Liquid Sculpey

Vessels and Objects

Altoid Boxes with Polymer Clay
Blended Filligree Egg
Card Couch Lesson
Clay Covered Votive Candleholders
Covered Glass Project
Egg - How To Make
Fragment Buttons
Glow in the Dark Bowl
Jellyroll Keyring
Kaleidoscope Switchplates
Pewter Look Picture Frame
Rainbow Altoid Tin
Refillable Notepad Cover
Small Notebook by Craft Owl
Switch Plates
Tiny Books
Ziggy's Pinch Bottles

Tools - Creation, Maintenance, and Use

Atlas or Pasta Queen Pasta Machine Maintenance - basic
Atlas or Pasta Queen Pasta Machine Maintenance - extreme
Cleaning the Pasta Machine
Dremel Polishing Mandrel
Dremel Polishing Wheel
Trattorinan Pasta Machine Maintenance - extreme

Everything else
Egg Stand - Sally's
PCC Basic Clay Project
Pearl-Ex - using Pearl-Ex mica powders
Polyform - Projects - autumn leaves vessels 'n votives, picture frames, woven Granitex vessel etc.
Rainbow Filigree Lesson
Ripple Blade Technique
Rose - Seven Petaled
Sliding Knot - method for making an adjustable length necklace
Valentine Heart Candy