Sculpture 2

Polymer Clay Gallery

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Tree Frog

Dimensions: Height=1.5"

This little guy and his leaf are just hanging around. I ended up making him into a bead just because I couldn't resist carrying him with me.

Faux Ivory Manatee

Dimensions: Length about 2"

I sculpted a couple of these faux ivory manatees. There is a gentleness and innocence about their faces that I find really appealing.

Dowager Duchess

Dimensions: Height: 5"

I had alot of fun making this matronly dragon. She's a little over the top but don't tell her that. She was inspired by a Polymer Clay Central challenge with the theme of diamonds. Her dress and cape are formed by a metallic mesh ribbon which was run through the pasta machine with Premo gold clay to create a clay cloth.


Dimensions: Height=2"

These are a variation of the Plesiosurs - sea dwelling reptiles around about the time of the dinosaurs.

They were inspired by Stephen Cosgrove's book "Serendipity" and Robin James' wonderful illustrations. I highly reccomend any of their kids books - you don't have to be a kid to enjoy them :)

Irridescent Dove

I sculpted the original dove, then press molded this one and highlighted it with white Pearlex. Its eye is a glass seed bead and it was given several coats of finish to protect the pearlex.

Egyptian Cat

Dimensions: Height about 2"

This is a regal looking cat based on an abyssinian. She will barely acknowledge lesser mortals such as us humans. She is wearing a necklace of seedbeads strung on very fine copper wire.

Faux Ivory Owl

This is one of two owl designs that I sculpted as beads. I think I'll eventually do another owl but flying this time. They're such fascinating birds.