Polymer Clay Gallery

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Amber Giraffe

Dimensions: Height=4"

This is a faux amber giraffe pendant that I sculpted. At the time my local zoo had a mother giraffe named Amber so it seemed appropriate. The faux amber recipe is a variation on Tory Hughe's.


Dimensions: Height=2-3"

Draggles are small elusive creatures often mistaken for dragons in poor light. They thrive on chocolate chip cookies and orange peel. One of their interesting habits is to collect small objects such as pen caps and paper clips which they save for a rainy day in any convenient spot. If you find such a collection, for instance under a couch cushion, you can assume that one of these wonderful creatures is living in the vicinity. Be sure to leave out a chocolate chip cookie every now and then and always cover your polymer clay... Or you may have to smooth out a few claw prints from late night Draggle dancing.

Stone Stegosaurus

Dimensions: Height=3" Length=6"

This stegosaurus is made out of grey Granitex with a foil armature to save on clay and baking time. I made the plates for the back first and baked them. That way I could insert them into his back without distorting any of the plates. I textured the surface of the clay with some rough sandpaper to give it more of a stone look.

Watchful Duck

Dimensions: Beak to Tail Length=6.5"

The watchful duck is sitting on top of my monitor and keeping an eye on the construction of this website. It has a foil core body and a toothpick in its neck for strength. Once it was baked, I gave it a coat of white acrylic paint to cover over the lint that white clay always seems to pick up. I also put a coat of Future floor wax on the eyes and beak to give them a gloss. I made a much smaller duck later on as a doodle.

Tug of War?

Dimensions: Length about 3" Height about 1.5"

This is a model of my brother's dog. He's a scottish terrier mix. I was working from a photograph and trying to capture the look that Scotty always has when he wants you to play. I textured his fur with a needle tool and he has black seed beads for eyes. The rope I made from very thin strings of white and colored clay.

Glow in the Dark Lizard

Dimensions: Length about 3"

The body of this lizard was made with glow in the dark clay. It looks really neat in the dark since the spots and stripes of color show up as dark markings on the glowing lizard. The lizards eyeballs are also GITD clay with bands of black across them for the pupils.

Blue Birds

Dimensions: Length=1.5" Height=1"

Aww.. Aren't they sweet? Well, that's what I was aiming for anyway.

These birds were inspired by some mushroom birds I had laying around. Their eyes are black seed beads.

Miniature Red Dragon

Dimensions: Length=2" Height=1"

This little dragon was made of red clay with gold Pearlex powder highlights. I marked impressions of scacles with the edge of a coffee stirrer. After he was cured I gave him a coat of future to protect the Pearlex.

Bear with a Dozen Roses

Dimensions: Height about 3"

I made this bear for my aunt's anniversary. I made a dozen tiny roses and put stem wires into them before they were baked. Then I added a leaf or two to each rose and rebaked them. The wires were twisted together into an arrangement and put into a clay vase. The vase and bear were put on a red heart base. The bee also had a wire in it so it could be attached with the flowers

Blueberry Bear

Dimensions: Height about 2"

This little bear was made as a present. He has red overalls and is munching happily on a carton of blueberries.