Handcrafted Pens

Polymer Clay Gallery

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Blue Leaf Cane Pens

These pens were made using kits which are intended for wood turners. PolymerClayProjects is a good source for these kits. You need to coat the barrels with Sobo or a similar glue, cover them with clay and then bake them. Do you finishing steps and then follow the kit directions to press the pen parts together.

Textured Pearlex Pens

These pens were textured with various items such as coarse sandpaper and then highlighted with Pearlex mica powders for an iridescent look.

Stone Pens

The grey faux stone is Granitex clay. The roses, ladybugs and leaves were all sculpted on the pens. The butterfly is a tiny image transfer.

Micashift Pearl Pens

These pens all use the mica shift properties of the Premo pearl clays. The pearls and metallics get their glittery effect from tiny mica particles. You can align these particles so that you can get what looks like a textured pattern even when the clay is perfectly smooth.

These pens were wet sanded, buffed and glazed with Future to bring out the high shine.

Leaf Cane Pens

This was a leaf cane made using a Skinner blend from white to green. The cane slices were laid individually on the pens and left raised. These pens have a wonderfully bulky, nubbly feel to them when you're writing.

For directions on how to make a Skinner blend and leaf cane, see my Resources lesson links page.

Pink Marble Pens

The pens that I've used are Bic Round Stics, Papermate Flexgrip Ultras, and Pilot Better Grips. I wasn't pleased with the Pilot Better Grips since they had a tendency to warp and I always had to trim the ink cartridge to get it to fit again after baking. The Bics work well and are cheap, and the Papermates have a nice silver tip which unscrews so that the ink can be replaced.

The pen on the right was made using the mokume gane technique, which involves layers of translucent clay and metal leaf. The layers are distorted, then slices are cut which reveal the pattern of colors and leaf. The other two pens are made from mokume gane scraps which were marbled together and the pen on the left has a little bit of acrylic gold paint to accent it.