Polymer Clay Gallery

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Southwest Switchplate

This was the first switchplate I've made. I used a cheap metal switch plate as a base. I made a Skinner blend of yellow to orange to blue and then placed a sheet of it over the switchplate. I cut out the holes for the switch and the screws and then placed the coyote, cactus and lizard on it.

Once the plate was baked, I gently pried the clay off, put down a layer of glue and put the clay back on. I could really have used just the clay as the switch plate but I had used a fairly thin layer for the skinner blend and didn't want to risk cracking it.

Golden Butterfly

Dimensions: Height = 1.5" Width = 1.75"

This piece takes advantage of the mica shift properties of gold Premo to create a holograph effect. The butterfly is perfectly flat and smooth.

This started out as a number of thin stacked sheets of gold Premo. The sheets had been run through the pasta machine repeatedfly before stacking to get the mica aligned properly. I took a rubber stamp of a butterfly and pressed it into the top of the clay. Then I used a sharp blade and carefully shaved off as much of the raised part of the stamped image as I could.

Once the piece was baked, I wet sanded it with 320 grit to sand down the top surface of the clay and remove any remaining bumps or indentations. Then I used progressively higher grits up to 800 and used a buffer to give it a high shine. Beacuse the stamp changed the way the mica particles were aligned, you can still see the shape of the butterfly in the flat clay as the light catches it.

Crocus Stamp Decoupage

Dimensions: Height = 2.5" Width = 2"

The crocus image is an ordinary postage stamp. I put it on a backing of torn white clay which I placed on a sheet of black. I painted over the stamp with a thin layer of TLS and then sculpted the flower and leaves for the edges.

Horse Nebula

Dimensions: About 3" long

This was an experiment that I liked the look of. I had made a mold of a horse pin that I have and I had a small sheet of left over mokume gane.

I wanted to make a mokume gane horse but there wasn't enough so I backed the thin sheet with a lump of white clay. The mokume gane stretched over the white clay when I pressed it into the mold. The particles of silver leaf reminded me of stars and the colors and the horse made me think of the horsehead nebula.

Pink and White Orchids

Dimensions: From about 1" to 3"

I've always like orchids and these were my attempt at making them in polymer clay. These orchids were made from thin sheets of Premo. I formed the petals, assembled the flowers and then crinkled and shaped the petals to make them look less flat.

I painted the white orchid with a couple coats of acrylic paint to make it whiter.

Glass Marble Cabochons

Dimensions: Length = a little less than 1"

These are glass mosaic marbles with polymer clay backings. You can find the oval marbles with flat backs at most craft stores. They come in clear as well as blue, green and many other colors.

The rounded top of the glass produces a slight magnification effect which really makes mettalic clays look even brighter. The clay is placed on the flattened back of the marble and curved slightly around the sides. Once they are baked they can be framed and used as cabs. The backings in this picture include mettalic premo, crackled gold and silver leaf, rose and leaf cane slices and a sculpted goldfish.