Jewelry 2

Polymer Clay Gallery

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Turquoise Horse Necklace

The "turquoise" is made from small bits of turquoise colored clay which were coated with a mix of brown and black acrylic paint. When this dried, I pressed the chunks into beads and into the mold for the horse. I sculpted the original horse based on a line drawing which I loved.

Once the beads were baked, I tumble sanded them in a kid's rock tumbler and hand buffed them. I hand sanded the horse pendant and drilled the hole for stringing.

All the findings for the necklace and earrings are sterling silver.

Red Fox Running

Dimensions: Length almost 3"

This pin was created from a one-sided mold of one of my original sculptures.

I wear it all the time on my navy blue coat and I've gotten qute a few compliments on it.

Purple and Copper Mokume Gane

This is one of my favorite sets. The beads were formed from a mokume gane mix of purple tinted clay and copper leaf. The beads were baked and then sanded, buffed and varnished with Future.

The necklace links are formed of copper wire to complement the copper leaf.

Renaissance Red

I made this necklace and earring set as part of a Renaissance Faire costume. The gold pieces were made using rubber stamps and were highlighted with gold Pearlex. The "rubies" are glass mosaic marbles.

I also made a matching man's ring using rolled up paper as a mandrel for forming and baking.

Image Transfer Pins

Dimensions: Height about 1.5"

These pins were made using the t-shirt transfer technique. The antique ivory pin was done with a transfer on translucent clay; the others are on white clay. The butterflys are a pair of matching earrings.

I made a set of similar pins as a commision with the picture of the person's granddaughter.

Seahorse Pin

Dimensions: Height about 2"

I love seahorses and had alot of fun making this one. I started with the basic shape which I cut out of black clay. I smoothed the edges, adjusted the angles of the tail, head, etc. Then I textured the seahorse and highlighted him with Pearlex mica powders.

The earrings were similar but I used the the imprint of a rubber stamp as a mold to make them.

Carved Donut Pendant

Dimensions: About 2.5"

To make this donut, I first formed a domed disc and cut out the center circle. The edges were smoothed and the piece was baked. Small carving tools were used to make the design and then the piece was antiqued with black acrylic paint.

Rose Jewelry

Dimensions: between 1/2" and 3"

Each petal on the roses is formed by hand. The large roses are pins and the small roses are a pair of earrings. The blue rose was created with Pearlex mica powder over black clay. It slides on a velvet choker.

For directions on making clay roses, see my Resources section and look for lesson links.