Bead Dreams

I entered the Bead Dreams competition for the first time this year. Bead Dreams is a national juried show sponsored by Bead and Button magazine. Both of my entries (“Down the Garden Path” and “Salinity”) were juried into the contest as finalists. “Down the Garden Path” took third in the Polymer Clay category. It is a one piece collar necklace with a garden theme – covered in a textural collage of flowers, leaves, vines, dragonflies and butterflies.

Thanks Libby and Jen for passing on the news before the official notification! I was psyched. 🙂 Congratulations, Libby on placing second!

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Cutting Mirror

I’ve got my mirror cutting table all set up and I really like it. If you’re interested in cutting your own mirrors, I highly recommend DOn Doak’s two videos. One is available from DelphiGlass. The other, which covers building your own magnetic cutter is available directly from the Doak’s. Email me if you’d like their contact information.

You can see the new Manatee scope, the first one where I cut my own first surface mirror, in the Kaleidoscope gallery.

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The latest

Check out the Spring issue of Polymer Cafe for my article on sculpting simple songbirds. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you’re in the Rhode Island area you can see some of my sculpture and miniatures displayed in the Clark Memorial Library in Richmond.

I’ve been on a kaleidoscope making binge lately. I’m working on getting setup to cut my own mirrors. There are a few designs that I’d like to try that I need the flexibility for.

Off to clean the studio… 🙂 I need somewhere to PUT my new glass cutting setup!

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Two new kaleidoscopes

Check out the kaleidoscope gallery. I’ve got a new mini scope which uses Grant Diffendaffer’s texture techniques. I love the way I can get a seamless texture now!

There’s also a new polarized scope. Polarizing filters and clear plastic break up the light into really interesting colors. I think I may have to do more with those.

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Been busy lately…

Check out the new kaleidoscope gallery. There are 7 new scopes in it.

I just took an awesome class with Grant Diffendaffer on textured beads and turning clay on a lathe. I’ve got so many ideas in my head now – mainly on how I can apply the techniques to kaleidoscopes. (I’ve already tried turning clay on my husband’s metal lathe with great results)

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Silver Swallow

pmc swallow My wonderful husband just got me the PMC3/Hot Pot kit. I took a week or so to read up on it and just finished my first piece. I sculpted the original swallow in silver Premo and then took a mold of it. The PMC is more like regular earth clay – it dries out and you have a limited working time. This stuff is awesome though! It fires (you do need kiln temperatures) to fine silver (99.9 percent pure) when the organic binders burn out.

I did get my first experience with mending something with slip when one of the wings cracked. I was afraid it was going to end up as a collage element with a broken wings theme! It all worked out though. The silver swallow shows the 10-12% shrinkage compared to the darker original. It has a simple wire brushed finish.

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Contest Finalist

faux ivory polymer clay owl Just found out I was a finalist in the 2004-2005 Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest in the wood beads category. I think I’m happiest about actually making the piece though 🙂 I might not have gotten around to it if it wasn’t for the contest. This is an unusual necklace for me – only the owl is polymer clay. Everything else is wood.

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Bead Strand

I’ve been coming up with a design for my beads for the guild bead strand. You can see part of a previous year’s strand on the SCPCG traveling exhibit page. I’ve known about it all year, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to make – can you tell I’m a procrastinator? 🙂

I’ve decided to make a faux ivory moon with an owl on one side and a wolf on the other.. Ivory is one of my favorite effects – it works so wonderfully to bring out the details in one of my mini sculpts. Jade is nice too and you can do a nice faux bronze with a mix of black and gold clay, antiqued with turquoise acrylic paint. Check out the glassattic for more faux recipes.

This little manatee is an example. Do you have any ideas for other effects that I should try with these little guys? Just use the contact page or add a comment to the blog below.

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