More from our friends the toads.

They’re definitely inhabiting this stump full time. I’m not sure if this is the bigger of the two toads, or a third one trying to move in.

It was much braver than the usual toads who duck back down anytime they sense movement.

This guy stood up tall when we came by to make himself look bigger and scarier instead.

And for anyone in Southern RI, have you ever seen a raven?

I’m pretty darn sure I saw one yesterday. Enormous black glossy bird perched in a tree by the road.

I was expecting a vulture, but then I looked at its head and it was the crow style shape – just much bigger.

I didn’t think we had them in New England but it seems like a few are spotted here now and again.


The kick-off event is June 22nd from 5 to 9pm, continuing every Thursday evening through August 31st.

A 10 week series of events held every Thursday in downtown historic Wakefield Village along the Saugatucket River from June 22 – August 24, from dusk (vendors will be open at 5pm) till 9PM.

I’ll be there as an artist vendor near 343B Main St in Wakefield in front of Mama Bird (#4 on the map below).

RiverFire’s floating fire baskets will be lit on the historic Saugatucket River in the Village of Wakefield, RI. The intoxicating aroma of fires and sound of live music will fill the air as visitors stroll the riverbanks and historic Main Street of Wakefield. The events will conclude with our Endless Summer Celebration, being held on August 17th.

Free parking is available in the municipal lot near 323 Main Street in Wakefield. This is a free, family friendly event, non-perishable food donations to benefit the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale are accepted. Street vendors and artists are set up by 5pm, RiverFire and live music starts at 7pm and goes until 9pm.

The live music line up is as follows: 6/22 Phenix Ave, 6/29 Gary Hopp & Friends, 7/6 “Ladies Night” with Chakulla with special guest Leo Tremblay, 7/13 Jason Colonies with special guest Aivan Durfee, 7/20 Barbi Beyer Band and a cappella group Blues Crew, 7/27 Oscar Love, 8/3 Greyhound Dream, 8/10 Ted Sorlien Family & Friends, 8/24 TBA, 8/31 TBA. Main Street stores and restaurants will also be open late with special offers.
Also join us on 8/17 for a special WVA event called “Endless Summer” including Hawaiian performances from Z Boys, The Indestructibles, The Mintones. Follow Wakefield Village Association on Facebook for more details and updates.


I’ll post more pictures of my studio soon, but I finally got my bead/metal table organized and this was my first project last night.

Thanks to Judy for all the cool metal stampings, I had a new stash of loot to explore! And I went for something western themed.

Here they are on my ear so you can see the scale. They’re longer than usual for me but I like them, and I’m wearing them to work today 🙂

I made the “turquoise” and “coral” from polymer, so even though they’re 4 inches long, they’re really light weight.

I made the ear wires from 20 gauge spiraled (it comes that way) SS wire. Not something I would have considered before, but the texture in the ear wires keeps them from slipping out which has always been a problem for me. I would probably go for 21g next time though – they’re just a tiny bit thick.

And here’s what my bead table looked like after an hour or two 😉


This class is coming up fast, so if you’re interested sign up now.

Polymer Clay Jewelry – Wickford Art Association.

Saturday, June 24. 9AM – 12 Noon
Wickford Art Association
36 Beach Street
Wickford, Rhode Island 02852-5745
Phone: (401) 294-6840

Sign up now – the class listing is towards the bottom of the page.

We’re going to make “donut” beads and learn various ways of texturing clay while we’re at it.

I’ll show you how to add paint to highlight texture and create a more interesting surface.

We’ll make wire wrapped dangles using mother of pearl dagger beads, or tassels out of fibers or ribbon.

And I’ll show you how to make a simple but elegant bail using flat wire.

You can hang your pendant from a simple cord or leather necklace, or use sari silk for a longer, more ornate design. If time permits, you can complete both necklace styles.

This is your chance to learn some jewelry techniques and make a necklace that is completely you – from start to finish.


I went to a Clay Day in Connecticut last Saturday and this is what I worked on.

This is how far I got by 3pm that day… Still a ways to go.

It’s mainly going to be the Johnny Depp version of the Hatter, but I’m taking some liberties, and it will probably won’t look too much like him when I’m done.


I broke most of my “rules” at one point or another but I’m ok with that. They’re just guidelines anyway 😉


  • I will do half an hour of something clay or art related at least 5 days a week.
  • At least 3 of those days need to be creative and making art. The other 2 can go to cleaning the studio, art business, training, etc. As long as it’s constructive.
  • No books or tv on those nights until after I get my art done.
  • I will post my progress regularly – at least 3 times a week.
  • I will have fun.

I spent more time on pulling apart the studio and organizing than I did on clay, but I’m ok with that too. It will help most in the long run, I think. I just have to finish this round.

Here’s the current state of the back half of the studio with the file cabinets moved out, the large bookcase moved across the room, and three new wooden drawer units in place.

HUGE thank you to my husband for all his help, since he did all the furniture moves and assembly.

Studio organization is never done, but I think it will be much better in a few days. And having a clean workspace always gets me inspired.

It never STAYS clean (I end up with only 6″ square workspace at a clay day – even when I have a table to myself) but that’s what it’s for. Creating and making and having fun.

And I did have fun this month, even though I did so much work. So it was worth it.

Will I do it again? Probably.

But I have a lot of things going on at the end of June (a class, RiverFire in Wakefield, a show I want to enter), so this month will be a bit less formal – getting the studio back in order, finishing the existing pieces in my Wonderland series, making a piece I’ve been wanting to work on, etc.

And I have a Clay Day tomorrow to look forward to. 🙂


I’ve spent a LOT of time working on the studio recently. I’m getting into the back corners now. This is what it looked like a few days ago.

This is the area where I have my bead table, and papers and books, and storage, and metal working, etc etc.

I got the bead table completely cleared, although some of that went into a couple boxes of “bead soup” that will need to be sorted later once I have my new drawers in place.

That table actually got swapped with Dave’s model making table (He needed something sturdier and I needed one that overlaps it’s legs and can go right against the wall over the heating registers).

The small bookcase got completely emptied and moved out and I’m working on the file cabinets. It’s amazing how many shells and rocks and pieces of driftwood I had in just one of those drawers.

There have been several points where I want to run screaming from the room. So far, Dave’s reminded me how far I’ve come and that even if it looks like more of a disaster area than when I started, it is getting there.

I’m trying to keep that in mind as I look at everything stacked around, waiting for someplace to go… I just want to get it done and make things again.

So for anyone else who’s going through a seemingly never ending project, hang in there 🙂


So here’s the first color applied for Alice and the Caterpillar from my Wonderland Series.

I’m using Genesis Heat Set Oils* so they’ll get popped in the oven again before I do anything else.

These are a couple inches high and will end up as pin/pendants.

Anyone into bead embroidery? I was wondering if something like this would work as a cabochon or if I’d have to add edges to bead around. Or if it’s just too complex a shape to begin with…

*Amazon affiliate link – which means I get a small percentage if you buy anything from Amazon.


Polymer Clay Jewelry – Sign up at Wickford Art Association.

Saturday, June 24. 9AM – 12 Noon
Wickford Art Association
36 Beach Street
Wickford, Rhode Island 02852-5745
Phone: (401) 294-6840

Sign up now – the class listing is towards the bottom of the page.

This is your chance to learn some jewelry techniques and make a necklace that is completely you – from start to finish.

You will make 2-3 “donut” beads in your choice of color, shape, size and texture out of polymer clay. (Warning – making these can be addicting!)

While the beads are curing, you will learn how to make a wire wrapped dangle using mother of pearl dagger beads and how to make a tassel out of fibers or ribbon.

You will also have the option of making a wire bail to hang your pendant from a simple cord or leather necklace, or using sari silk for a longer, more ornate design. If time permits, you can complete both necklace styles. No experience needed.

Should be a lot of fun.

$50 Members $85 Non-members  $15 Supply fee


So I have been doing things… 🙂

This is from Saturday, when I did a PanPastel demo for my guild. I sculpted the ladybugs below along with some simple texture pieces.

The final version will have to wait since I forgot to take a picture of it with the pastels. I did it subconsciously on purpose to build suspense!

I’ve also tackled the bead table a bit more, including sorting cording and fibers and such.

I watched a few YouTube demos on pastels and color schemes.

I entered a couple pieces in the next Wickford Art Association show, and dropped off some displays for my next class.

And I did the next step in painting my Alices and Caterpillars.

So small steps taken individually, but I’ve been doing something almost every day. Much better than some weeks. 🙂

Of course, I’ve also been neglecting cleaning the house and cooking and exercising etc…

I seem to move in phases. When I’m concentrating full strength on one thing, other areas get neglected. Seems to be natural for me so I just have to work with it instead of against it.

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