# 17. Mica Magic Class

# 17. Mica Magic Class

Here are the pieces I started as demo’s in my Mica Magic class today.

It was a great class and you can see all the wonderful work the students made below.

We covered textures and molds and making flat work dimensional… And of course how to apply all those gorgeous mica powders. Everyone had a chance to finish several pieces, and there was a combination of jewelry and hanging art.

I’m counting my class pieces as #17 in the challenge since I’m behind 🙂 Combination of work, errands (including the autobody shop), and getting ready for the class. It’s been a busy week.

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30 Days #15. Butterfly Kisses

This is a little dragon that I started.

It’s a combination of Cernit Doll White and a bit of old white Premo. Nice combination for sculpting, although it wasn’t quite as translucent as using only Cernit.

I did want to keep some of the translucency, so I used pan pastels to color it after it was baked, in mainly soft colors.

The makeup brushes I’ve been using work quite well to get pastel into the recesses of dimensional work.

Just a touch of dark grey acrylic paint for the butterfly bodies and it was done.

Such a sweet little baby dragon.

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30 Days # 14. Steampunk Cat

30 Days # 14. Steampunk Cat

I’ve been working on this one on and off between the forget-me-nots.

I wanted a fantasy steampunk feel to this one… Not the standard Victorian based version. So I gave the cat a little bit of an exotic coloring – it’s loosely based on a Somali or long-haired Abyssinian. The cat’s eye is a rough faceted green aventurine.

I handpainted my own set of symbols on the clock. And obviously it’s in some part of the story realms where they keep track of more than 12 segments of time. And where cats wear wings – just because they can.

The gears and workings from the clock were from molds of various pieces I’ve collected, plus a few I handsculpted to connect the elements together.

The piece is 6 inches tall and framed in a handmade hardwood octagonal frame.

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30 Days. 12 and 13. Forget Me Not series

30 Days. 12 and 13. Forget Me Not series

The last few days have been mainly watching paint dry… 🙂 I’ve been adding layers on various pieces then coming back in to drybrush different pieces or add tiny details.

I’m really happy with how they all came out.

Each one is 4″ square, and I’ll be framing them in an 8″ black frame.

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30 Days #7 – Ascendence

30 Days #7 – Ascendence

This was a tiny little sculpture 2.5×3″ of a raven. It was a blurry photo originally but I liked the form, so I went almost abstract with it.

Here it is in black clay – some gooey fresh Premo this time around. It’s actually quite a bit darker in person, but this way you can see the detail.

The problem was that it was too dark. And it needed a bit of color.

I tried adding some warm colors and a touch of metallics but I wasn’t really happy with it. The metallic paint scattered the light too much, and at such a small size, it lost coherence and detail.

Cool tip I learned from my husband. Use rubbing alcohol to strip acrylic paint off polymer. I don’t know if it will work if it’s been cured for days but it worked perfectly after it was already dry to the touch for about 45 minutes. A little soaking and some scrubbing with a paper towel and it was back to the original black.

It does need something but I may wait a bit to figure out what. Any suggestions?

I may also treat it as a small study and do a larger version later on.

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30 Days #6 – Dolphin

30 Days #6 – Dolphin

So this was another sculpture using the gorgeous combo of Cernit White and Doll White.

I was planning on making a sleek, elegant, realistic dolphin along the same lines of the sea lion I’d already done.

It didn’t want to hear it.

I was working with a reference photo at a slightly odd angle but I could have shaved it down so the tail looked like it was farther in the distance, and thinned out the head and torso so everything was a bit more in proportion…

But how could I do surgery on its personality, when it was grinning at me so cheerfully?

So here is my cute little perky dolphin instead. I’ll make a sleek one some other time.

Enjoy. 🙂

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