So what is the correct etiquette with blogs and images anyway? It seems like alot of blogs just copy images from other sites when they’re posting/promoting. It really looks great and I’d like to do the same but I’m not sure about the correctness of it all.

Do you have to get permission from each and every person whose image you use when you link to their site? It doesn’t seem like most people do since I know I’ve been linked to without notification. I was ecstatic about it actually so I’m assuming most people wouldn’t mind. And it seems like it would be rather cumbersome to send out emails, hope for responses and then try to remember what you wanted to write when you first saw the image.

But technically, isn’t using someone else image on your blog copyright infringement? Or does blogging fall under a sort of “understood fair use”? Rather like quoting from an article?

Time for some research I think.

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My answer to this question is (as an artist) to license my photos with a Creative Commons license and (as a blogger) to try to use only artists’ photos who also use Creative Commons licenses. Unfortunately that does limit the photos available for use, as there’s not a lot of polymer clay artists who use Creative Commons. But hopefully that’ll change as more people learn what it is & understand the benefits…

I really appreciate your site, BTW — I remember studying your pen examples years & years ago, back when there were very few polymer clay resources online. Great job keeping it going for so long!

Thanks Angela, that’s very helpful. And I’m really glad my site came in handy way back when 🙂

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