Minions – Everyone Needs Them

minionI got a new laptop! *insert Happy Dance here*

Dell Inspiron 14R – I’ve only had it a few days but I like it so far. Of course, I’m having to get used to the sheer weirdness of it – Windows 7, a Delete key in the wrong place, wide screen… (My old one was about 6 years old)

But I like the fact that it doesn’t grind to a halt when I have ITunes, Scrivener, 3 browser sessions, etc, etc all open at once. (I added extra RAM just in case)

I have the new version of Dreamweaver on order and I’ll need to pick new image editing software. I had an old version of Paintshop that I loved, but it barely ran on XP, so I’ll have to compare the current version to Photoshop Elements. Maybe I’ll finally get around to updating my website. It’s been quite awhile.

And I gave my laptop a name – it is my Minion. I just have to clone it and have an army of minions! *Evil laugh*

Now if I could just teach it to clean my house….

Posted by Skygrazer

Polymer clay addict and artist. Also fascinated by kaleidoscopes.


Minions… *envious sigh* … every one should have at least one or two. Mine would have to be very nimble, to run and fetch all those things I forget (list when at grocery store, tools when at clay events, findings when making something elsewhere..) AND know how to clean the house when I’m not there….

Glad to hear you’re doin’ the happy dance!

And that mini demo of your sculptured tree was magical to most of us who watched.

Thanks Debbie, glad you enjoyed the tree. 🙂 I’ll try to do a lesson on it at some point.

I tried recruiting the cats, if nothing else, they’d make good dusters, but they’re of the opinion that I’m THEIR minion so that didn’t work 😉

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