This Year – 2011

So… It might be a little late, but I’ve been thinking about plans and goals for the year. No resolutions though. As Dave just reminded me, resolutions are like pet elephants – they’re hard to keep. (I really want a pygmy hippo though)

Goals are concrete and measurable, and you can make step by step plans to get there. And I figure I might as well write them down. I’ve heard of a study (it sounds like it ought to be true at least, although I saw conflicting opinions) that putting your goals down on paper helps you achieve them.

Whether that’s because you’ve taken the trouble to form and visualize where you want to be, or because it makes you somewhat accountable, even if it’s only to a piece of paper, it doesn’t matter. It won’t hurt.

Well… Unless you get a paper cut, because those really sting. Why is it that the little stuff tends to hurt so much?

Anyway… High level goals:

Writing – I want to finish a book. I have three and a half rough drafts and I like the stories, but they need to be polished and revised before I can consider them done. I’ve signed up for Lani Diane Rich’s Revision class which is excellent so far and I’m working through my latest story with it. I’m looking at going to a local writers conference, and I also want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I might even put up a basic writer’s website on the fake it till you make it principle.

Art – Sculpt some abstract animals as an experiment. I’m not really sure what else I want to accomplish at this point. There’s lots of things I could/should do – finish organizing the studio, update my website, learn/practice metal techniques, take a lampworking class, try Etsy, make a series of one particular animal in different styles, etc. I reserve the right to revisit this later on 🙂 I will be teaching a workshop on how to make polymer clay buttons to a local weaver’s guild in a couple weeks.

Life – The usual – get down to the gym more often, lose weight, clean the house, keep Dave laughing, serve the cats as the pitiful little human servant that I am, etc. These sound more like resolutions don’t they? And you know what that means…

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