28 Day Challenge – Jewelry Design

So I’m kindof in the mood for the fun and flow of a 30 day project but without quite as much pressure and stress.

I know I’ve got some things going on this month and I’m still getting over the last of two colds that I’ve had for a month.

So I’m doing a kinder, gentler 28 day challenge to warm up my imagination in this cold, short February. Anyone want to join me?

And What the heck does that mean? 😉

For me, I’m going jewelry themed this time. I’m starting with a few turquoise and bronze elephant necklaces that I’d made and I’m going to riff off them and see what else I come up with.

My “rules” (everyone should define their own):

  • I need to at least think about my project each day.
  • I want to complete at least 28 baby steps by the end of the month. That may not mean 28 completed pieces.
  • I’m starting with the idea of creating a jewelry collection.
  • But detours are allowed.
  • I will have fun.

And technically I started yesterday since I have a late work deployment coming up one of the nights.

Steps so far:

    1. Put away jewelry supplies from my earring class.
    2. Made a Pinterest board with some of my pieces and other cool stuff and started brainstorming ideas.
    3. Contacted web support and got my blog back online when I realized it was down. Totally unplanned but I’m counting it! 🙂
    4. Printed a mood sheet (smaller than a mood board) and pinned it up over my jewelry table.

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Debbie Goodrow

I really like the idea of a mood sheet. I have no room for a mood board, but a mood sheet? That I can put right in front of me? Idea!

Yup, they come in handy and I make them fairly often… Especially to collect reference images for a new animal that I want to sculpt. I usually create a blank Microsoft Word doc with .25″ margins and copy/paste images in. Then I can easily resize and crop and move things around.

I don’t always even pin them up, just keep them next to me for reference.

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