30 Days #23. SeaGull. And the State of the Challenge

I started this one at lunch yesterday and pulled it out of the oven just a few minutes ago.

Should I add a touch of grey and black like the real gull has, or leave it alone?

So, the challenge overall…

You may have noticed this is piece 23 and today is the 27th so I’m a little bit behind.

It’s been busy, I did a fair number of multi-day pieces, and the last couple days I’ve felt a bit under the weather. Not too bad, just really really tired like I’m fighting something off.

And I still have to do a last minute tax form for RI before the end of the month. (Don’t ask me why they only send it 10 days before it’s due.)

I’m planning to catch up if I can, but I’m not too worried about it.

I’ve had fun. I’ve been consistently sculpting. And I made a lot of work I’m really proud of.

It’s been a success either way.

Now I have to decide between a nap and going back to the studio… I’m really not sure which will win 🙂

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