30 Days #21. Bullfrog

I posted this yesterday to Instagram. Follow me there if you want to see the images first.

The nice thing about the blog is I can give a few more details.

This is a miniature – only 3 inches wide – based on a photo of a bullfrog.

This was another 3 to 1 mix of Cernit Doll White (which is practically translucent) to regular White (which is still partially translucent). I really love this combination. I’d like to try some larger pieces with it later on.

The eye is green irridescent glass, although it looks darker in contrast to the white clay. Frog’s pupils are actually rather football shaped so I could add a little paint on the bead, but I’m not sure it needs it.

I was originally going to sculpt more of a background, but simple, smooth shapes look so gorgeous in this color, and I liked the smoothness of the background.

And maybe it’s just because I’ve been more careful about cleaning my hands, but the Cernit doesn’t seem to pick up as many smudges as Premo. I’ll have to do a one to one comparison at some point to see.

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