30 Days #7 – Ascendence

This was a tiny little sculpture 2.5×3″ of a raven. It was a blurry photo originally but I liked the form, so I went almost abstract with it.

Here it is in black clay – some gooey fresh Premo this time around. It’s actually quite a bit darker in person, but this way you can see the detail.

The problem was that it was too dark. And it needed a bit of color.

I tried adding some warm colors and a touch of metallics but I wasn’t really happy with it. The metallic paint scattered the light too much, and at such a small size, it lost coherence and detail.

Cool tip I learned from my husband. Use rubbing alcohol to strip acrylic paint off polymer. I don’t know if it will work if it’s been cured for days but it worked perfectly after it was already dry to the touch for about 45 minutes. A little soaking and some scrubbing with a paper towel and it was back to the original black.

It does need something but I may wait a bit to figure out what. Any suggestions?

I may also treat it as a small study and do a larger version later on.

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Debbie Goodrow

How about some metallic blacks, deep blues, deep greens, and some deep reds just on the raven to highlight her against the black background?

That would be cool 🙂 I’ll have to see how it looks.

I think I’ll have to do a larger version too – I can get away with crazier color if it’s easier to see what the subject is.

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