This was another version of the commission I’m working on.

This time I used white clay – Cernit – for a more delicate look.

I actually really like the look of it all white, but then you can’t tell it’s a cluster of bright blue forget-me-nots so I added color.

I wanted a more transparent effect to the paint on this one though so I used oils.

And here it is in the frame. I really love how both of them came out.


4 Responses to 30 Days #5 – In Remembrance

  1. Diane Gregoire says:

    Looks like a water color!! Love this look

  2. SALLY says:

    Unlike the fragile feel of this one but the deep rich blues of the later ones
    Iguess you could say I LIKE them all. πŸ™‚ Sally

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