30 Days #4 – Forget Me Not

I didn’t realize until afterwards that I mixed up the days when I was scheduling, so this piece was actually first. Time travel on the internet…

This was a very special commission that I’ve been working on for the last week. It will be one of six pieces for sisters whose mother loved forget-me-nots.

They’re one of my favorite flowers too – one of my front beds is seeded with them – and I really wanted to do it justice.

I also wanted to add something alive, and we chose a butterfly. A Karner Blue to be specific. It’s about an inch long, a beautiful blue on the inner wings and a silvery grey on the outside. (Male and female have slightly different patterns.)

Beautiful, rare, fragile, protected. Perfect for this piece.

A black clay background might seem strange, but I knew it was going in a black frame, and if you do it right, the colors end up looking deep and rich.

It ended up with about 6 layers of acrylic paint in thin washes and dry brushed details before I was happy with it, but here’s the final piece.

And here it is framed. It’s a 4 inch relief sculpture in an 8 inch frame.

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