30 Days #2. Sea Lion

This is from a photo I took of a sea lion posing at the Bronx zoo. He looked like a bronze sculpture already.

I thought about going for a bronze look but I wanted to try out the Cernit a bit more. This is a mix of 2 parts Cernit doll white, and 1 part regular White. It’s such a lovely glowing white once it’s baked.

Since I was sculpting for a very deep miniature frame (still about 2×3″ but about an inch deep) and I wasn’t planning to paint it, I made the form rounder and smoother than I normally would. And I extended the front flipper over the edge of the frame.

I really love the effect and I’d like to try more of these.

It seems like a simple sculpture but ended up taking at least 5-6 hours  over two days to get to that state. He had nose surgery at one point, and some of the time was trying to keep the clay clean as I worked.

Why is it my sweet little black cat only wants to sit on my lap while I’m sculpting?  😉


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