30 Days #1 – Sky Hook

Here’s the first layers of paint applied – drybrushing and washes of acrylic where I slowly built up the color to what I wanted.

Here’s my steampunk snail all done and painted, and ready to take off into the sky.

And here it is in its handmade hardwood frame.

I am really happy with this one 🙂 It has the storybook, other worldly feel I was going for.

By the way, this was another of my experiments with Cernit clay. The biggest thing for me is still the softening as you work it, but I’m starting to use that to my advantage. I wrap a little clay in plastic wrap and stick it in my pocket so it’s warm and easily smoothed.

I leached a bit (time honored method of sandwiching the clay between paper and sitting on it) then left that on a cool tile so I had some clay that was stiffer.

It worked out quite well I think.

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