Velvety Rabbit – Work in Progress

Marie sent me a block of taupe Cernit, which is this lovely soft brown with an almost purple undertone. It reminded me of a rabbit photo I’d taken a few years ago that I’ve wanted to sculpt.

Cernit conditioning tip – warm your clay before you run it through the pasta machine. (Sit on it or tuck it in your pocket.)

The studio was rather chilly, and the clay started to shred the first time I ran it through. I gathered it up, compressed it in my hands for a minute and within 3 passes it was smooth and conditioned like you see here.

This is how it starts out… I outline the form, then put down an eye – in this case a black glass bead. Then I start building up clay, adding and smoothing and shaping it with tiny tools.

Here it is about half way done.

I’ll show the finished rabbit and a bit of the painting process in the next post.

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