Dream Big

Here’s my little stubby cuttlefish (or cuddlefish?) all colored in. He’s dreaming of his future plans, or maybe watching his ancient relative the Kraken up above.

This is Pan Pastel* and Prismacolor pencil* on Cernit clayafter it was baked.

In the last post, I showed you what it looked like with a wash of brown acrylic paint.

And I think I finally found a good tool for applying pan pastel to 3d surfaces! I bought a big set of makeup brushes (I got them on Geek from China since I didn’t want to pay big bucks if it didn’t work out). They’re designed for carrying powder without making a mess and they worked so much better than ordinary paint brushes. I’ll have to try them on raw clay next time.

Some of the details on the ship were added with the colored pencils, but the rest of the color came from the Pan Pastels. I’m really amazed at how well the pastel sticks to baked clay.

I didn’t like the first color I did on the background and tried to wipe, then rinse it off, and it barely budged. I finally gave it a light sanding to remove some of the color. I did give it a coat of Golden Acrylic UVLS Matte Varnish* to protect it anyway when it was all done. Just wipe or clean your brush often when you’re trying to seal pastels.

So, from the Cernit experiment side, the clay takes color and paint as well as Premo. I haven’t noticed any differences on that end. The colored pencils worked really nicely on it too.

Cernit is stiffer once it’s baked than Premo. It still has a slight flex to it so it’s not brittle – I’ve read it’s quite strong and it seems like it even though I haven’t done any destructive testing yet. The fact that it doesn’t flex as much will be good for me when I’m making reliefs. I always have to glue Premo to some kind of backing but I might be able to get away without that for smaller pieces with Cernit.

*Note – Amazon affiliate links. I get a small percentage if you buy something from Amazon through that link. The link to Cernit is to Marie’s http://www.clayfactory.net site. I’m not an affiliate but she supplied the Cernit clay for me to try.

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