Cernit White – Dream Big

So I wanted to try the white Cernit in a simple sculpture.

I actually tried the white Doll clay first, but that seems to have a higher smudgability factor (often a good thing) and I kept fusing the tentacles together on the first version I did. I also realized just how translucent it was when the first baked sample came out of the oven and I wanted something a little more opaque as a base for my Pan Pastels. I do want to play with the Doll clay further though because I like the feel of it. With a lighter touch, a bit of leaching or mixing it with the regular White, I think it will work well.

So.. I rolled out a sheet of clay as the background and sculpted my little guy. He’s actually based on this video I saw of a cute little purple creature commonly known as the stubby squid. (Even though he’s not a squid.)

I really like the Cernit so far. It does get softer as you work it, so you have to take that into account but it worked well.

And this is what it looked like baked and with a brown acrylic wash to bring out the details.

Color coming soon 🙂

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