White clay comparison – Cernit

Full Disclosure – Marie Segal sent me some Cernit clay to try after I’d talked to her about sculpting during her workshop. Free clay! Thanks so much Marie!! But there were no strings attached. She just wanted to know how I like sculpting with it.

Since I tend to paint my work afterwards, I usually sculpt in a neutral color like white or black. My previous batch of Premo white had been rather annoying – not conditioning well and not staying pliable. So I started off with the whites.

So… Here’s me being all scientific and testing out the Cernit White vs Cernit Doll White vs some very fresh Premo White that I had ordered in the meantime.  I used a one inch mold from an oak tree sculpt I had done to see what each of them looks like.

The Cernit package says to bake it at 265 degrees F but I put them all in at the Premo temperature of 275 and it seemed to have no problem with it.

Unbaked. Premo – Cernit White – Cernit Doll White

Baked. Premo – Cernit White – Cernit Doll White

Premo White – my old standard sculpting clay. The fresh winter clay was soft and pliable. Took a good impression from the mold. (Hasn’t been consistently reliable lately though and I’m not sure if it’s the season or the age of the clay that makes the difference.)

Cernit White – Has a slightly firmer feel to it. Conditioned well and took an even nicer crisper impression from the mold. Since I do mold a lot of my designs for pendants especially, I’ll be playing more with this. Easy to fold and seams merged well.

Cernit Doll White – Soft and very pliable – has an elasticity to the clay that was fun to play with. Very translucent once baked – compare the colors in the samples above. Probably wouldn’t be my go to clay for molding though since it stretched slightly when I pulled it from the mold, although I probably could have gotten around that by letting it sit first or putting it in the freezer. I’ll be interested in trying some stretching and manipulation with this clay. I think it would do well for something like Mobius beads or octopus tentacles  😉

Stay tuned as I try sculpting with it…

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Debbie Goodrow

Knowing how good you are at sculpting, and your use of molds, I’ll be following your responses eagerly!

Christy Sherman

Thanks 🙂 I’m having fun playing with a new clay so far.

Diane Gregoire

Thank you for sharing all of this… I am having an awful time with not being able to condition clay — loving the Cernit too!

Thanks Diane. Let me know if you figure out any tricks for the Cernit.

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