Leap for Joy – Refinished

This is one of the pieces I have available at the Wickford Art Association during the Small Works show.

I actually sculpted it a couple years ago but didn’t like the original finish. I had used mica powders on black clay – trying for a moon lit look.

Usually I love the effect of mica powders but in this case, it just scattered the light off the surface too much and the details of the sculpture were lost. But I still loved the form of the dolphin so I wanted to rework it.

This time around, I tried out the Swellegant* metal paints (brass) and darkening patina. I think it works much better this time around, and I’m looking forward to trying the patinas on future work.

This is what it looked like originally.

* Note – Link is to Amazon and I get a small percentage if you buy it from them.

Posted by Skygrazer

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Debbie Goodrow

Wow, what a difference the finish made! I am awed by your ability to see past the present, figure out what was wrong, and make it so much better. Go Christy!

Thanks Debbie. It did take me a year or so and getting the patina paints before I realized it was salvageable.

Sometimes time helps. Even just a day later I can see a piece more objectively – both good points and flaws.

And so do deadlines…. I need more art for the Small Works show! What do I have? And I unearthed the dolphin from a shelf. ?

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