July Challenge – Making Things

Having the studio organized again has been great. It needs to be tidied up again already – a never ending process – but I can actually find things! It’s so amazingly nice šŸ™‚

So, in honor of that, I’m going to do another challenge in July, but without any particular rules.

I just have to make things. And that can be clay, or jewelry, finishing old work or whatever. I just want to have some fun and get back into a good studio practice.

I’ve already made 30 dragon’s eyes, some bracelets, a tiny fish, a little octopus in a shell, and assembled some earrings. Some of those need to be baked, sealed or finished though so I’ll post them when they’re done.

Posted by Skygrazer

Polymer clay addict and artist. Also fascinated by kaleidoscopes.

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