Toad on a Stump

More from our friends the toads.

They’re definitely inhabiting this stump full time. I’m not sure if this is the bigger of the two toads, or a third one trying to move in.

It was much braver than the usual toads who duck back down anytime they sense movement.

This guy stood up tall when we came by to make himself look bigger and scarier instead.

And for anyone in Southern RI, have you ever seen a raven?

I’m pretty darn sure I saw one yesterday. Enormous black glossy bird perched in a tree by the road.

I was expecting a vulture, but then I looked at its head and it was the crow style shape – just much bigger.

I didn’t think we had them in New England but it seems like a few are spotted here now and again.

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I haven’t seen any toads for a few years. It’s nice to see such clear pictures of yours.

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