I got the rooster framed and wired over the weekend.

And I’ve also done a fair amount on the studio. I cleared behind the central table, and in front of one of the bookcases.

And I bagged up a couple feet worth of magazines ready to give away.

Dave put together a great pine drawer unit that I’m planning on using for beads. But first I need to figure out where I want the rest of the furniture and layout to go so I actually have room for it.

It’s like one of those slide puzzles… Move this piece so you can slide that piece over, then back…

Or maybe a Rubik’s Cube since it’s three dimensional. I want to take all the stickers off and line them all up, except I haven’t figured out how to do it yet 😉


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  1. Debbie Goodrow says:

    Well said! LOL. Rooster looks beautiful.

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