I’m making progress on my Challenge on both the clay and decluttering side.

Here’s a few Alice’s and Caterpillars (Wonderland Series) that I started during lunch Wednesday (we have a little art group that meets for lunch at work), and antiqued at my new painting station last night.

And here’s the “before” for my central work table.

I was using it for painting and photography and framing and laying things out, and putting things on and next to as I decluttered other areas.

I got it COMPLETELY cleared off!

(The stuff under the table may look like a mess, but it’s actually a fairly well organized collection of frames and canvas and backer boards.)

And then I promptly filled it with papers because I’m sorting through everything from one of the bookcases 😉

Two steps forward, one sideways.

But it is improvement.

And my cats approved of the newly rediscovered floor space.


2 Responses to Progressing

  1. CArole says:

    WOW ! Oh and the art is great as always! No really great cleanup! I’m sure it is a huge relief and and joy now to walk in there!

    • Skygrazer says:

      Yup, definitely. I want to go in the studio and pull out all my supplies and get working immediately.

      Although the pictures don’t show all the OTHER spots I still have to hit. The beads, the beads!

      But I think I need to move some furniture around first before I tackle all that. I just don’t know where yet.

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