One Pile at a Time

And in this case, I mean that literally.

So how’s the challenge going… Well, I’ve given up the tv rule. An episode or two of anime during dinner doesn’t seem to be hurting so far. šŸ˜‰

Monday I gave the rooster a coat of matte varnish. Then tonight I came back in with some satin on the highlights because the matte dulled it down too much. It’s looking good but I’ll wait to show it again until I’ve framed it.

I also conditioned some old clay and prepped two tiles for new reliefs.

And I set up a painting station.

This was where my husband had his old paint booth. He does insanely complicated scale models of motorcycles and machinery but he hadn’t done any for the last few years.

It wasn’t being used, so ever so slowly, it just got stacked and piled over because it was a safe convenient place to get something out of the way.

It became a Dead Zone. (And I’m REALLY hoping that I’m not the only one or I wouldn’t post the picture.)

Dave started doing models again recently and got a new and smaller paint booth that fits on his large table. I was bemoaning my lack of space and he offered it up as a sacrifice.

I pounced on it.

I started this on Sunday and finished organizing and labeling drawers tonight. Even used it for the last coat of glaze on the rooster.

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Debbie Goodrow

OH yeah, I’ve got dead zones too. More than one! And I have no-one to blame but myself. It’s insidious. Like my art table. I put one thing down on it. Then later I’m cleaning and put some more stuff on it that escaped the art room.. (to be put away when I’m in the art room mode). Then something lands there that just needs to be out of the way. Oiy. Now it’s a full blown clean up project on it’s own before I can even use it as an art table again!
Can’t wait to see the rooster finished.

Yup, sometimes feels like I’m moving things over and over šŸ™‚ But it’s getting there.

And the more clear space I have, the more ideas I get. Instead of avoiding the studio, I want to get working…

Good luck with your clean up projects. Consider me your cheering squad. šŸ™‚

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