I finished sculpting on Sunday.

Any suggestions for titles? King of the Roost?

I could have stopped here, given it a dark wash and called it done. I really do like the blue.

But I also wanted to do my original experiment, so I got out the Pan Pastels*.

And here’s the finished rooster.

Still needs to be sealed but I think the experiment was a success.

I really like it. The only thing I’m not sure of, is if all that color draws attention from the sculptural forms… Something to think about.

Which do you like better?

*Amazon affiliate link to the first set of 20 PanPastels that I bought. (That means I get a small percentage if you buy anything from Amazon using the link) I’ve got ALL 4 sets now 😉


2 Responses to Rooster

  1. Sharon Mihalyak says:

    Love them both but I think the colors bring out the texture and add more detail. Thanks for sharing!

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