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So, I sculpted on Saturday, but Thursday was an errand night.

I was pretty tired when I got home, so I watched the first part of a video, then finished it on Saturday – Essential techniques for pastel portraits with Alain Picard*.

It still counts for the May challenge – just not as an active clay day 🙂 Friday was just a movie night though – Fantastic Beasts* came in from Netflix – which I thoroughly enjoyed. And I guess it was a bit on the artistic side since it gave me some ideas for new dragons and critters.

I’m in the voracious information gathering phase on pastels. Whenever I come across a new interest, I inhale everything I can find about it. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading books and researching how you frame a pastel painting and anything else I could think of.

Normally I’d be buying ALL the supplies too, but I’m trying to hold out and see if I’m really interested first. Sometimes once I learn enough and get good enough to be decently competent at something, I’m no longer as interested. Sometimes it sticks around.

It’s never a waste though. Whatever I learn will be applied to other things in interesting ways, sometimes not even consciously.

Anyway, the pastel portrait video was really good if you’re any kind of artist. I’ll watch it again in a few months when I can get more out of it on the pastel side, but I found that a lot of it could even be applied to clay.

It starts off with lighting and positioning your subject, so you can get something worth painting from the start. Then he goes into a discussion of value, and how to draw your subject accurately from a photograph.

He blocks out all the colors (very similar to my roughing in masses with clay for a relief sculpture) then comes back in to refine the details. He makes it look easy but you can tell it’s not.

*Note – Amazon affiliate link which means I get a small percentage if you order something from Amazon through the link. I finally signed up as an affiliate because I was thinking of doing some book reviews and wanted to try it out. They’ve made it really easy to include the images and links now. (But let me know if it gets annoying)

Check your local library first on the pastel video though since I think it’s temporarily out of stock.

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