Pastel Workshop – Day 2

Michele did a wonderfully inspiring demo. She started with an underpainting but then did a 48 stroke painting which took it from roughed out color to 98% finished.

It was a marvelous example of what you can do with deliberate mark making. And how great something can look when it’s still fresh and not over worked.

Here’s my color study and underpainting. I dumped the landscapes since I don’t generally find them inspiring and went for this photo I took of a Rhode Island Red.

And here’s the finished work. Not too bad considering how new I was to the medium. I’m really glad I took the workshop.

I do think the class should have come with a warning label though. I don’t NEED another medium. I don’t have room, pastels are expensive, you can never collect ALL the colors so there’s no end to it, etc etc.

But I really did love it. I’m going to experiment with the materials I have first, (PanPastels are great but quite different than stick pastels) but I already have my eye on a set of Great American pastels selected for animal painting. 🙂

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