Very White Rabbits

I’m late! I’m late! says the rabbit, not me.

Well not really me, since I never assigned myself a deadline, but anyone who went to HopArts last year (October, 2016) might have seen the first stages of this sculpture. I did the sculpting over a couple months, including resculpting the watch at least twice.

Then I procrastinated over the painting because I was so afraid of ruining it, but I finally finished that during my January 30 day challenge.

img_6399And now, I present the white rabbit clones!

Soon to be pins or pendants or possibly part of a shadow box in Wyoming!

I used a two part silicone molding putty – my favorite is from Rio Grande – Rio Cold Mold. I wonder if they have an affiliate program? 😉 I’d accept supplies!

And here are the first few out of the mold… They do require a bit of re-sculpting and cleanup. And if you notice, I altered the angle of the ears and such on a couple of them. Even from the same mold, they’re never quite the same 🙂

Stay tuned for the painting…

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