Back from Vacation 

img_6114So, in case you were wondering, I did not immediately collapse from exhaustion after the 30 day challenge.

But we did fly out the very next day on vacation to St. Thomas – where even when it rains for 10 minutes you end up with a rainbow.

img_6104We spent a lot of time snorkeling, did 4 dives, and got to see sea turtles like this one – both Green and Hawksbills.

I also got to dive with my very first sharks 🙂 A baby bull shark and a couple of reef sharks. None of them were over four feet, and only one checked us out, but it was still awesome – and not scary at all.

We also saw spotted eagle rays (Really cool – I need to sculpt one), regular manta rays, an octopus, barracuda, and lots and lots of cool fish and coral.

We even got underwater flashlights and went out for a couple night snorkels – it was rather weird and disorienting but very cool. We saw giant tarpon fish, spiny lobsters, star fish, and some really interesting arrow crabs that look just like hard shelled spiders.

This week will be mainly catch up and recovery – I still haven’t unpacked the suitcases – but I’ll be back to the clay soon.

And I’m sure some of the ocean creatures will be showing up in my work soon – I got some underwater GoPro video that I can use for sculpting references. 🙂

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Debbie Goodrow

Not only did you have fun, but you got ideas for your art! Win, Win!

Yup 🙂 Lots of sunshine and inspiration everywhere. Elements of the iguanas will be showing up in my dragons at the very least 🙂

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