Day 29. Sea Monster

3×6″ pan pastels on black polymer.

This was a fun one since I really didn’t have anything in mind other than a dragon. It was probably working on the sea turtle that made me think of a water dragon.

The interesting thing is that it didn’t turn out much like a dragon… I started with a dolphin head, and it just went on from there, ending up looking more like a sleek prehistoric beast instead. That’s the great thing about sculpting fantasy creatures, you can let the clay take over, without worrying about making it look like anything specific.

I went fairly light on the pastels – just a bit of white and two shades of blue to highlight the shape.

If you like this sort of sculpture, and you’re in the RI area, I’ll be teaching a class April 8th on sculpting dragons at the Wickford Art Association.

Posted by Skygrazer

Polymer clay addict and artist. Also fascinated by kaleidoscopes.


Cool beast! It -does- look somehow prehistoric.

Thanks. This is my husbands least favorite. Too creepy 😉

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