Day 19. Sgraffito Shark

This was another fun experiment. Sgraffito is a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color.

You can do it with two colors of polymer but I decided to try it with the pan pastels. I used black Premo, then patted on a pretty opaque layer of white pastel, followed by a graduated layer of blue with some yellow and white to indicate filtered light.

With a toy plastic shark as my model, I used my smallest loop tool and had a bit of fun carving/drawing through the layers.

I originally tried some shallow cross hatching with another tool (the larger black areas) but it ended up looking muddy and hesitant so I carved them away. The best marks seemed to be quick, decisive and free flowing.

It was actually a lot of fun and I can see doing more of these.

Posted by Skygrazer

Polymer clay addict and artist. Also fascinated by kaleidoscopes.


Pretty cool! Did you carve it while still uncured clay? Or after it was cured?

Raw clay so my little sharpened loop tool (I just looked for the site and realized it’s not active anymore 🙁 ) went through it like butter.

It might be fun to use those tiny carvers on something like this baked though. It would be similar but the marks would probably be a little crisper

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