Day 5. And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

img_5868I started this 2×3 miniature after I did the pig. For some reason I wanted to sculpt a cow next. I was going to have it eating a dandelion but decided to go a touch more whimsical.

I’m really enjoying the pan pastels for this style. It’s a lovely soft effect with rich color… I just need to get a touch more depth to it and come up with a way to make some tiny “brushes”.

Actual paint brushes work, and micro brushes work better, but the Sofft sponge applicators that come with the kit work much better to hold the particles of loose pastel. The problem is that they’re all fairly large and designed for a flat surface so they don’t work well for something dimensional like relief sculpture.

I may try cutting down one of the larger sponges and rigging a handle for it to see how that works. And I have an idea for how to get depth (equivalent of antiquing with a dark color) that I plan to try later on.

So far, I’m really having fun… And this reminds me that miniatures are really my natural scale. I can force myself to work larger but small is what I like.

So… How do I make a tiny work look more impressive? It’s just as difficult (and sometimes much more) than larger work, but people generally expect smaller art to be cheaper. Any suggestions?

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You method and medium are so intriguing! You have shared lots about your process and materials, hope to read more – I may want to give this a try this year. Looks like such a refreshing spin away from one dimensional work. Love this cow and – hope that fox is something you get back to, he’s cute!

Thanks. 🙂 If you have any questions about polymer clay, let me know. I can point you to some resources.

your, not you, sorry

Debbie Goodrow

Loving it. Good observation about people expecting smaller to be cheaper, but often they’re harder to create. I don’t have any suggestions, but will think on it.
I also have some tiny fluffy headed brushes, for the lack of a better term. I’ll try them with my Pan Pastels, see if they work. If so, I’ll let you know what they look like, hopefully we can find more.

Cool, I hope they work. The pastels are a really great effect on the clay. I think we can do a lot with them after some experimentation.

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