30 Days Challenge

There’s a challenge in January to paint 30 Paintings in 30 Days that I’ve been thinking about joining.

One problem, I don’t paint.

But that’s ok, the challenge says there are no rules πŸ˜‰ So I took them at their word, and signed up anyway. Polymer clay relief sculptures are just highly dimensional paintings anyway, right?

My own guidelines for this:

  • Finished is better than perfect.
  • Small, simple, whimsical. I’m not picking a particular theme this time around but I’m going to let my inner child play and have some fun with this.
  • Previously started work is fair game. I have a few bits and pieces laying around that I may incorporate or rework.
  • Failure is fine. I want to try out a few experiments on small pieces. If they come out terrible, at least I’ll have tried.
  • Flexibility is allowed. I may not finish a piece every day. I may start two pieces and finish them the next day… Or if I get involved in something and it takes a week, that’s ok, as long as I’m actually working on it and not procrastinating.

So, wish me luck and we’ll see how it goes… First step – clear a spot on my sculpting table.

Posted by Skygrazer

Polymer clay addict and artist. Also fascinated by kaleidoscopes.


Debbie Goodrow

This sounds ambitious, Christy! But if anyone can do it, especially the way you’ve made it flexible for real life, you can. I agree, You may be doing 3D figures, but you’re painting on them!
And I’m so glad to know that it’s not just MY work table/area that looks like that… πŸ˜‰

Thanks! I figure even if I only do a few pieces I’ll be ahead of the game, so I’ve got nothing to lose.

And you should see the REST of the room πŸ˜‰

Sharon Mihalyak

Sounds great! Have fun with it and share pictures if you can.

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