And you know that’s said in an “Oooh, shiny,” kind of voice, right?

Thought I’d share the fun of unwrapping a recent purchase – all these great strands of reclaimed Sari silk ribbon. And the colors are so much better in person. 🙂  The photo washed them out a bit.

IMG_2872.JPG So anyway, I originally ordered a few yards just to try it out. And then I realized I needed more neutrals, and some reds, and… And then I just saw some that were pretty.

I got them off Etsy – VictorianGypsyGirl – who was really fast about shipping and turns out to be a fellow Rhode Islander so I got them in about 2 days.

I’ll be using the ribbon to string necklaces. Time to play 🙂

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2 Responses to Pretty Colors

  1. Sharon says:

    Was that the ribbon you had your necklace on at the class? Very nice!!!!
    Thanks! Now I want some too 😉

  2. Debbie G says:

    Oh yes I DID say OOOooooo cool! I was lucky enough to see them in person, and Christy’s right, they’re even more saturated with color and wonderful in person. And they FEEL so nice!

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