Dragons and Perfectionism 

The Weekend of Clay where I taught my Dragons In Relief sculpting class was in March but I’m only getting around to posting pictures now… I had grand plans of downloading all the photos from my phone, doing the image editing, figuring out whose was whose and posting them in a nice orderly fashion.

Yup… Whenever I have grand plans like that, it tends not to happen. So here are a few of the pictures straight from my phone(or in Lisa’s case sent to me afterwards) in random order and at different phases.


I was so ecstatically happy with how everyone did… Some people used variations on the patterns I provided, some people brought their own. Everyone did something different, in their own way.

There was so much creativity going on it was inspiring. Especially since a couple of people were relatively new to polymer, and a couple people have told me before that they can’t sculpt.  🙂

Aren’t they gorgeous?



I’ll post more dragons later…

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Debbie Goodrow

It was a grand class. Mine is the (so far) black dragon at the top. And yes, I do not sculpt. And yes, I was flabbergasted at how good it looked so far! Thanks for great instruction, Christy. I’ll keep going on it, and let you see how it turns out..

Can’t wait to see it when it’s done. It already looks so awesome 🙂

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