Critters and Creativity From the Kids

This is the little guy I made as a sample for my kid’s class last Saturday. I had a lot of fun making him, and it reminded me that I need to revisit my cute side more. 😉

The kids were amazing. We had about 12 show up even though it was snowing fairly heavily that morning. Ages ranged from toddlers running around up to age 12.

I demoed a little dragon like this, but told everyone they could make whatever they liked… And they did. The creativity was inspiring.

Here’s all the critters getting cooked in the oven.

Notice the crinkled up brown paper towel? I was a bit worried about thin wings and mushrooms sagging as they baked so I propped up anything that looked fragile.

And here are the critters in all their delightfully baked glory! There were birds and a bull dog and a rabbit and dragons and bears and fantastic creatures that probably haven’t been named yet. It was a wonderful class, and I just hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

And I’m off to the Weekend of Clay tomorrow… More teaching, but I get to take classes too. 🙂

I noticed this purple dude has his back turned to the camera in the group photo… But he’s too cool not to share.

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